Tuesday, November 11, 2008

तू भी हिंदू है कहाँ, मैं भी मुसलमान कहाँ

राम के भक्त कहाँ, बन्दा-ए- रहमान कहाँ
तू भी हिंदू है कहाँ, मैं भी मुसलमान कहाँ

तेरे हाथों में भी त्रिशूल है गीता की जगह
मेरे हाथों में भी तलवार है कुरआन कहाँ

तू मुझे दोष दे, मैं तुझ पे लगाऊँ इल्जाम
ऐसे आलम में भला अम्न का इम्कान कहाँ

आज तो मन्दिरो मस्जिद में लहू बहता है
पानीपत और पलासी के वो मैदान कहाँ

कर्फ्यू शहर में आसानी से लग सकता है
सर छुपा लेने को फुटपाथ पे इंसान कहाँ

किसी मस्जिद का है गुम्बद, के कलश मन्दिर का
इक थके-हारे परिंदे को ये पहचान कहाँ

पहले इस मुल्क के बच्चों को खिलाओ खाना
फिर बताना उन्हें पैदा हुए भगवान कहाँ

साभार: शकील हसन शम्सी

Monday, October 20, 2008

Think before you speak!


The ideological bankruptcy of ABVP is not a hidden truth. They always try to ignite the fire of hatred to illuminate ABVP during the election period. Can't they run their politics without passing cheap comments on religions? How long will we tolerate their mindless and cheap stories in the name of patriotism? They have nothing to do with the nation building but just keeping themselves alive in the political race. They pass comments on others so thoughtlessly that the first paragraph of their pamphlet contradicts the rest. In the first sentence you have used bold, italic and underline, the all three features of word processing, and it says “this is not a communal clash but a clash between indigenous (khilingia) Assamese (Asomiya) and Bangladeshi infiltrators.” ABVP pamphlet dated 15/10/2008 says that there is nothing communal in the clash in Assam. But in the rest of the pamphlet they mindlessly try to link the entire problem with the religion.

There is no difference between SIMI and ABVP because SIMI misquotes its own religious scriptures to justify their misdeeds and ABVP misquotes other's religious scriptures to run their shop of hatred. They both are anti nationals and should be evicted from the ideal Indian society.

You may be thinking that we have a problem with ABVP's attitude only. No! We have problem with everyone who misquote the religious scriptures of any religion to divide the society and especially with those who use hatred as fuel for their politics. That’s why we condemn the below mentioned lines written on a website and have written hard comments for the person who has written below mentioned sentences.

“Hindu Scriptures Bhagavad- Gita Preaches Genocide of Christians!!!

We see Lord Krishna states that There is no greater good fortune for a ksatriya (Hindu) warrior than to engage in a war for killing righteousness among non-Hindus (Christians, Muslims & Sikhs, and others). So the superiority of actions has also being praised by Him.”(Bhagavad- Gita chapter two, verse 31) “ (accessed on 17/10/08)

And now see the real meaning of the verse.

Besides, considering your own duty too, you should not waver, for there is nothing more welcome for a man of the warrior class than a righteous war. (Gita, v: 31, Ch:2)

Can you see the difference? Shri Krishna is asking for a war against the wicked powers but our friend has named it genocide. And especially in Sanskrit “Dharma” means duty not religion.

The motive of writing the lines mentioned above is that irrespective of any religion and caste we should not digest such dirty misinterpretations of anyone. Our ABVP friends do so time and again with the Quran, Hadith and other scriptures.

The pamphlet says “In Quran , there is mentioned two pronged strategy to rule over Kafirs/non-Muslims viz, Jihad (waging war, if the enemy/Kafir is weak) and Hijrat (through migration gradual demographic invasion as done by Mohammed in 622AD when he fled from Mecca to Medina- if the enemy Kafir is strong) Quran also makes (it) mandatory for its followers/Muslims (Allah Ke Bande) to employ every possible means to convert a Dar-ul-Harb (Enemy Land or where non-Muslims are in majority) into Dar-ul-Islam(Land of Peace or where Muslims would be in commanding majority) by either through Jihad(as being done Indian Mujahideens/SIMI/HUJI/LeT/Al Qaeda etc) or through Hijrat (as being done by Bangladeshis)”

Dear Friends we are Research Scholars and wherever we quote something we mention the complete source. We request our friends from ABVP to mention the bibliographic details while quoting anything anywhere.

There are two major conditions to for Islamic migration to any place.

One should be compelled to leave the land where you are leaving.

One should be welcomed to the land where you are going.

Take the famous Hijrat of Muslims from Mecca to Madina. They were welcomed by the people of Madina. The other Hijrat was to Habsha (Present Ethiopia and Somalia) where the king of Habsha allowed them to live and assured their security.

In which Quran our friends have found the word “Dar-ul-Harab” and “Dar-ul-Islam”. We would like to read that Quran to increase the level of my knowledge. The entire quotation shows the poor knowledge level of the person wrote the pamphlet. And we feel such illiterates are not entitled to write or speak anything.

Bangladeshi migrants don’t fulfill any one of above mentioned criteria. Now come to the allegation of Jihad. They say that if Muslims are strong they go for Jihad. During the time of Prophet (PBUH) in every war there was only one Muslims for three enemies. And all the wars were fought within the Islamic Territory. This means they fought the war with those who challenged them. If someone else is interpreting Jihad wrongly, Islam is not responsible for that. We want to warn ABVP that whenever they will try to tilt the facts the sensitive students of JNU will not sit silently.

तेरी ज़बान कतरना बहोत ज़रूरी है तुझे मरज़ है के तू बार बार बोलता है

(और ग़लत बोलता है!)

Sd/ Mahmood Mirza Sd/ Iqbal Ahmad Sd/ Abhinandan Basu

Saturday, October 18, 2008



Whosoever killed a human being not in retaliation of man slaughter or to spread mischief in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whosoever saved the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind. [Alquraan, Surah:5,Verse:32]

Qareeb aao to shaayad hamein samajh logay

Ye dooriyaan to galat fahmiyaan badhaati haien

Yesterdays ABVP’s pamphlet has shaken the heart of all peace loving students of JNU and has shown the worst face of politics hatred. We urge them not to destroy the harmony and secular fabric of JNU as well as the entire nation. It is not against the terrorism but against a particular community and not in favor of nation but in favor of division and hatred. All Muslim students condemn such pamphlets and stand against communal fascism.

Their lines and facts

Who is proud to kill innocent? At least not any Muslim.

Who is proud to purify the dirty land? Nation’s love is a part of imaan (for all Muslims) and Muslims cannot call it a dirty land. Muslims will snatch his vision if someone eyed on our nation with wicked intentions. Enemy will not drop the bombs only on Hindus’ homes.

Who is promised to be given red heaven? Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) says “He will not enter Paradise whose neighbor is not secure from his wrongful conduct.” [Sahih Muslim, Book 1, No. 0075]

How cum a person who kills innocent people can get a place in heaven, as our friends say Allah will give them a place in heaven. That is not the Allah, Muslims believe in. That is some other God and his believers are not Muslims.

What? Sons are laughing? Muslims don’t believe that they are the sons of Allah. So for god sake know more about Muslims and then write or speak.

Allah breaks his fast? And with the blood? Muslims observe fast for Allah, Allah doesn’t have to fast. Again little knowledge about Islam. And In fast even abusing someone is not allowed how Allah will allow killing innocent people.

You must be thinking that the above mentioned lines have been written by a Muslim Orthodox. Sorry!!!! These lines have been written by ABVP think tanks. It is said that poems come from the depth of heart. The reason they say behind the poem is that so called Jihadists call their activities to gain the closeness of Allah.

Remember the massacre of Gujrat. Rioters were torching homes and killing people with the slogans of “Har Har Mahadev” and “Jai Sri Ram”. Can anybody write or say that Lord Shiva or Bhagwan Sri Ram was laughing on the activities of their sons and Mother Kaali was asking for more blood? And can anybody justify such lines? In the same way if some Muslims kill people in the name of Allah it doesn’t mean that Allah is happy with such activities. Anybody who has true belief in any religion on earth will never do such crime.

The Muslims of India specially and the Muslims of the entire world unanimously have been saying that the version of Islam presented by so called jihadists is not the real version. It is totally tilted according to their wicked intentions so why our friends insisting that Jihadists’ version is the real version and showing Muslims the wrong path.

As far as terrorist activities are concerned we can undoubtedly say that each and every Muslim condemns such heinous crimes occurred in Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Varanasi or in the National Capital. Muslims of entire world don’t think that people who are behind the terrorist activities are also Muslims. Because they are rioters (Fasaadis) and Allah clearly says in Quraan “Wallahu la yuhibbul mufsedeen” (Allah doesn’t like fasaadis) [Alquraan, Surah:5, Verse:32]. The word “Islamic Terrorism” is coined by Israil to suppress Palestine and make the international community hate a particular sect of human society. Unfortunately we have adopted the term without knowing its effects and side effects of the word. The word Islamic terrorism doesn’t only hurt the sentiment of a particular community but also empower the terrorism with the strength of the concerned community. We request the serious people of the society not to use the term “Islamic terrorism”. We again say terrorism has no religion.

The pamphlet says “ Serial blast occurred when the people of Muslim community were gone for Iftaar and the incident was designed for the time when the people of Muslim community were gone for the Iftaar….. The motive of terrorists is to kill the people of other religions only. If the motive was only to spread terror, they wouldn’t have chosen that particular time.” Means terrorists only targets the followers of other religions. Remember the blast of Jama Masjid and again in Makka Masjid and some Masjids in Maharashtra also. Is anybody going to buy the story that terrorists target only non Muslims?

Pamphlet also says that BJP is demanding law against terrorism for long time. * Muslims of this country also demand the same but with the accuracy and unbiased implementation. * So many people had been arrested under POTA but they proved innocent and their lives and career destroyed forever. * In the other hand BJP governing states are not agree for a federal agency for the investigation of such crimes. Why? Because they need this issue for getting political mileage.

Muslims don’t have any soft corner for SIMI if it is anti national outfit and spreads hatred in the society we believe it should be banned. But at the same time we demand to ban all the organizations that are spreading hatred.

Now this is the time when we all of us should be unite against the devil of terrorism and hatred which is being spread in the name of religion. We urge the merchants of hatred to kindly stop spreading hatred in the society.

Chalo chaltey haien mil jul kar watan par jaan detey haien

Bahot aasaan hai kamrey mein vande mataram kahna

Sd/ Raghib Akhtar Sd/Iqbal Ahmad Sd/Mirza Mahmood

Friday, October 17, 2008

The pamphlet circulated by ABVP after Delhi serial blast

Dear Friends,
The pamphlet circulated by ABVP after Delhi serial blasts shows their intention of dividing the nation. We clearly say that ABVP is not one who will decide the parameters for our patriotism. They want the people of India to accept their communal agenda in the name of patriotism. See the pamphlet and decide what their intention is.

The post "AN APPEAL FOR UNITY AGAINST ALL KIND OF TERRORISM" is a reply of this poster. We are not going to abuse them. We will table the facts against their fictious data. People of this nation know what thier responsibilities are for our nation. We believe in sacrifice for national pride but the ABVP's communal agenda is totally unacceptable.

Chalo chalte hain mil jul kar watan par jaan detey haien
Bahot aasaan hai kamrey mein vande mataram kahna